New Licensing Board and Government Defense Limits

The Trust has added enhanced reimbursement limits to its Licensing Board Other Governmental Regulatory Body Defense protections included in Trust Spon...

(NEW WORKSHOP) Sequence VIII: Ethics and Risk Management in a Digital World 2.0

Technology is advancing at a dizzying pace and is becoming increasingly central to the provision of psychological services. From portable devices to digital records to interjurisdictional practice to mental health apps, technology has brought remarkable benefits to our work; and at the same time created an increasingly complex set of ethical, legal, and regulatory challenges. In this rapidly evolving environment, the need to maintain an active risk management strategy is perhaps even more central than ever.

This workshop is a next-generation discussion of digital world issues. After a brief introduction describing The Trust Risk Management Philosophy and Strategy, this workshop will provide a review and update on the ethical, legal, and risk management dimensions of technology. We will focus broadly on these issues related to digital record keeping, telepsychology, digital communications, and social media. The workshop is applicable to all sites where health services are provided.

Risk Management: Frequently Asked Questions

Your membership in The Trust and Trust Practice and Risk Management Association (TrustPARMA) includes access to the Advocate 800 Risk Management Consultation Service, which helps individuals insured through The Trust Sponsored Professional Liability Insurance Program to avoid or reduce the risk of malpractice actions and disciplinary complaints. This service gives TrustPARMA members access to free, confidential, professional ethical and risk management consultations with licensed psychologists possessing extensive legal, ethical, and risk management expertise.

The Risk Management Consultants field and answer questions covering a broad range of topics. Some of the most frequent questions will be addressed here as an ongoing benefit to TrustPARMA members.

Meet our Student and Early Career Advisory Committee

The Trust has long supported the needs and interests of psychology students and early career psychologists, and in keeping with that support, has created The Trust Student and Early Career Psychologist Advisory Committee. We feel excited about the valuable input, unique perspectives, and innovative ideas we know Committee members will provide. We believe that participants benefit as well from this vital forum and opportunity to gain experience in leadership, to learn more about how a business advisory committee functions, and to enhance their network of contacts. With input from the Committee, The Trust Board looks forward to providing even more helpful products and services to students and early career psychologists.

The Trust Student and Early Career Psychologist Advisory Committee informs The Trust Board about emerging practices and trends in psychology and their impact on the profession. The Committee also provides ideas in areas of marketing, including how to better connect with students and early career psychologists, product development, customer service, and educational resources for The Trust Board to consider. While the Committee focuses on students and early career psychologists, it also provides valuable insight into how The Trust might develop programs and services to benefit psychologists at all stages of their career, now and in the future. We are very excited about what our first group of Student and Early Career Psychologist Advisory Committee members will contribute to The Trust’s being For Psychologists, By Psychologists.

Electronic Health Record Templates

G. Andrew H. Benjamin, JD, PhD, Jeffrey Younggren, PhD of Division 31 and Division 42 and Christina Luini, JD, put together state law specific EHR templates for each jurisdiction and have made them available for FREE to psychologists. This project was funded by a CODAPAR grant and was completed due to the funding and hundreds of volunteer hours.

For psychologists enrolled in the Indiana Patient Compensation Fund:

If you’re providing psychological services in Indiana, you’re insured through a Trust Sponsored Professional Liability Insurance claims-made policy, and you’re planning to retire, please consider the following:

Prior to retirement, you should notify The Trust/TRMS of your anticipated retirement date and request your FREE Extended Reporting Period (ERP or “tail”) coverage.

- If you’re enrolled in the Indiana Patient Compensation Fund (PFC), your tail will follow The Trust’s standard terms and conditions, but you must pay the state of Indiana a $100 minimum surcharge in order for the tail to provide any excess coverage.

- If you’re moving out of state and will no longer be eligible for the PCF, you can still obtain tail coverage by notifying TRMS and purchasing an unlimited tail. In this case, the Fund’s surcharge would be equal to the amount of your tail purchase. For example, if your current Professional Liability Insurance premium is $1,000 and you opt to purchase a tail, the cost to you would be $1,750 (current premium multiplied by 1.75) plus the PCF surcharge of $1,750.

- In the event that you don’t retire but discontinue coverage through The Trust Sponsored Professional Liability Program (if, for example, you become an employee and are insured under your employer’s policy), your employer or your employer’s insurer should enroll you in the PCF to ensure that you have no gaps in coverage.

Trust Risk Management Services can answer any questions you have regarding the Indiana PCF. Simply call us at 877-637-9700.

NEW: The Trust and APF establish Eric A. Harris Research Grant

The American Insurance Trust (The Trust) and The American Psychological Foundation (APF) announce The APF/The Trust Eric A. Harris, Ed.D., J.D. Grant, established to support early career psychologists or graduate students for research or projects in the area of ethics and risk management.

Learn more about grant eligibility and download an application/request for proposals here.

Dr. Eric Harris has been a lifelong contributor to the discipline and profession of psychology as well as a longtime member of The Trust’s Advocate 800 Risk Management consultant team. The Trust recognizes Dr. Harris as a model for individuals pursuing a distinguished career in psychology.

AATBS – Association for Advanced Training in the Behavioral Sciences

Do you need licensure to provide psychological services in your state? AATBS is the recognized leader in providing EPPP and CPLEE preparation and continuing education for psychology professionals. Click here to learn more.

5 Things to Consider Before You Purchase Professional Liability Insurance

All practicing healthcare providers need Professional Liability insurance! This is the case whether an individual is employed, self-employed in independent practice, or in training. Why? Because the cost of a malpractice claim could be so high that it could easily wipe out a lifetime of savings. Also, the cost of defending against a board complaint or government investigation, even if it is frivolous, could also run into tens of thousands of dollars. Professional Liability insurance is the primary (if not the only) line of defense in protecting one's personal and business assets.

New Name Same Affordable Insurance Coverage

The underwriter of The Trust Sponsored Professional Liability Program, ACE, has acquired Chubb, creating an even stronger financial foundation underlying the Program. ACE will now operate under the Chubb name, while continuing to offer – through The Trust – the same broad, affordable malpractice insurance for which The Trust is known.

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